Email Marketing for Music Entrepreneurs

Email Marketing for Music Entrepreneurs

1. Email is not dead.

Many of you think of email as an outdated, old-fashioned platform, but actually email has 3.8 Billion users worldwide. That’s more than Facebook & Instagram combined. Also, people use email for both work and personal affairs. This means that you can use it for both marketing messages and to build personal relationships and contacts.

2. This shit is personal.

Facebook & Instagram Ads are labelled as Sponsored Content, and often ignored. Personalised marketing emails land directly in your audience’s inbox and feel like direct personal messages between yourself and them. Plus, the format of email gives you more time and space to craft a message that provides real value to your audience and builds a personal connection between them and your music brand.

3. Time to get real.

Be honest, how many of your Instagram followers are actual fans of your work, and how many just followed you so that you’d follow them back? Public follower counts make Instagram a vain place, but nobody will sign up and stay on your email list unless they’re genuinely engaged with your content. This means that email subscribers are much more likely to stream your single, buy your merch or come to your show.

4. Own your shit.

When you build an active and engaged email list, you own it, full stop. You can download it and keep a backup of your email list, you can even print it out and keep a hard copy if want. But you own it, forever.

Nobody owns their Facebook or Instagram following, People have spent years building their engagement only to see it wiped out due to an algorithm change, a hacked account or an unfair ban. Future proof your music business by building an email list that no-one can ever take from you.

5. It's free goddammit.

Music artists often complain they lack the funds to market their music properly, whilst also ignoring compleeeeetely the one marketing channel that is incredibly effective, and for the most part, totally free. ( Did I mention that it’s FREE? ) You can start collecting - and marketing to - the email addresses of people engaged in your work right now, for zero cost. So stop thinking about how much your marketing is going to cost you, and start asking yourself if your music career can really afford to ignore email marketing.