50 Awesome Content Ideas for Music Artists

50 Awesome Content Ideas for Music Artists

1. Staged Photography

Images that you create with thought put into composition, lighting, scenery, props, outfit, poses etc. These could be professional press shots that you have taken or images you take just for posting on IG.

2. Candid Photography

Images taken when you’re not aware that you’re being captured.

3. Illustrated Artwork

If you love art, draw or paint by hand and share, perhaps some ideas for your album artwork?

4. Designed Images

Create images on your computer to share with your followers.

5. Memes

Create and / or share memes that speak to the culture of your audience.

6. Infographics

Infographics are great for sharing ideas visually that convey some kind of knowledge or data.

7. Guides and How-To’s

Share your knowledge and skills with the world in the format of a guide or a how to post, it doesn’t have to be a cheesy pdf ebook, you can use IG stories saved as highlights as how-to guide too.

8. Behind the Scenes Content

People love seeing behind the scenes, take your audience into the studio and backstage with you… show them what it’s like to be a music artist.

9. Music Videos

Music Videos are an essential accompaniment to an official single release… you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a video either, be creative and create something unique that speaks to your brand and music.

10. Music

Your music is of course an essential element to your brand, it’s the gateway drug to your brand… ensure you’re putting out new music regularly to keep your audience engaged.

11. Video / Audio Preview ( Sneak Peak Clips )

To create a buzz around a new release you can tease your audience with small clips and previews, these serve to whet the appetite of your audience and also generate some preliminary feedback.

12. User Generated Content

There is no better way to engage with your fans and make them feel involved in your brand than finding a way to inspire them to create their own content for you…

13. Candid Videos

Your fans want to see the real you, so not every video upload needs to be a slick and polished music video… candid videos where you just grab your phone and speak your truth are powerful ways to connect with your audience.

14. Video Comedy Skits

Short, stupid and hilarious videos are social media and youtube gold, if you have a knack for creating comedy sketches or just being hilarious in general on camera you’re likely to get lot’s of engagement.

15. Video Interviews

Even if nobody wants to interview you (yet) you can still create interesting content by reaching out to other artists or people that work in the music industry and filming some videos to share online.

16. Live Performance Videos

Clips of your live show are excellent ways to show music fans what they can expect when they come to see you live.

17. Fan Interaction Videos

Why not pick one day a month to FaceTime with a fan of yours and connect with your audience on a personal level… when you audience sees how you pay attention to individual fans it will really resonate with them.

18. A Day In The Life Content

Audiences love to get to know the real person behind the videos and press shots… sharing candid snapshots of your daily life is an incredibly effective way to bring your audience into your world and let them feel extra connected and personal with you.

19. Your 2 Cents content

With the 24Hr news cycle there is never a day online without some kind of political controversy or social issue being discussed… get involved in conversations online by giving your two cents on the hot topics of the day.

20. Long-Form Blog Posts and Articles

Not everybody has the personality to be in front of the camera every day and that’s totally ok… if you prefer to express yourself through words start a blog and wear your heart on your sleeve for your fans about the issues and ideas important to you.

21. Listicles

Not every blog post has to be a 1500 word essay on deep political or philosophical topics… you can keep your content lighthearted and easy to consume by creating listicles of your favourite artists, influences, or anything creative you can think of etc..

22. Social Media Interaction Content

Not all of the content you create online is an official post, your comments and the ways you engage and interact with the content of others online is important too… Don’t forget to reply to every single comment you receive.

23. Audience Engagement Content ( Polls, Questions etc )

Content that inspires your audience to interact and respond is super important to keeping them engaged and building a relationship. Create posts that ask your audience questions, ask them their opinion and you will create a sense of community with your fans.

24. Karaoke Videos

Not all of the content you post must be your music. Creating lighthearted and fun covers of popular songs is a fun way to create entertaining content that is easily discoverable.

25. Curated Content

Not everything you post must be your own content, if you’re out of ideas for a post one day you can simply repost and share content that you find interesting or inspiring with your fans too.

26. Playlists and Mixes

Everybody loves a great playlist or mix that captures a particular mood or moment and creating your own playlists is a great way to share your tastes and influences with your fans.

27. Remixes, Bootlegs and Edits

Creating remixes, bootlegs and edits of other peoples songs is a great way to express your creativity and create musical content that is easy for music lovers who don’t know about you to discover you.

28. My Process Content

Share your creative process with your audience… share with them how you go about writing a song, or writing some lyrics or producing a beat. Music fans love to see their favourite artists at work.

29. Single / Album / Video Reviews

Writing reviews or sharing your opinion about recently released music is a great way to stay active in the conversations happening online around popular music.

30. Audio / Video Podcasts

Podcasting is an incredible medium for music artists and is extremely popular with consumers of content online. It’s relatively easy to start and often has higher engagement rates than video alone.

31. Q&A / Ask Me Anything Sessions

Your fans love getting to know you and there’s no better way to allow this then engaging in regular Q&A sessions where your fans can get answers to the burning questions they have for you.

32. My Influences Content

Fans don’t just love to connect with you over your music, but also your style, beliefs and tastes too… sharing your musical and non-musical influences with your fans is an awesome way for them to relate to you and get to know you better as an artist.

33. Music Industry News

From award shows to industry controversies and label deal announcements, the music industry is never a dull place and you can create content simply by commenting on the latest happenings from the world of music.

34. Competition, Games, Quizzes

Creating a competition online is an awesome way to engage your audience and inspire them to interact with you… it’s also an awesome way to help you capture emails for your email list.

35. My Hobbies Content

Another way to share your personal world with your audience is to involve them in your hobbies… whether you love going to watch football, art galleries or fishing, take your fans along for the ride with you through your content and immerse them in your world.

36. Shopping / Eating / Cooking Content 

Everybody loves swag and a bit of food porn… if you’re out at the shops or dining in a cool food joint, don’t forget to snap some pics for the gram while you’re at it.

37. Life on Tour Content

The stresses and strains of life on tour are intense, so next time you go on the road, seize the opportunity to create content that documents the ups and downs of life as a musician on tour.

38. Pop Culture Reviews

Your fans are likely to be into similar pop culture as you, think tv shows, series, movies etc etc… share your opinions on current pop culture and your fans will relate to you so much more as an artist and a human being.

39. Pets Content

Sharing content with your pets is such a great way to connect with your audience… just ask Ed Sheeran. We all love animals and some of the most viral content ever created has featured people’s pets doing weird or funny things.

40. Kids Content

Some people in the public eye prefer to keep their children and family totally private, which is completely understandable, but if you’re happy to share your children with your fans documenting those special moments with your offspring can really make you seem more human and relatable and makes for great content for your audience.

41. Family Content

As with your children, you may or may not feel comfortable sharing your family relationships with your fans. However, if you do feel ok bringing your audience into your private world, sharing your personal relationships with partners and family members can make for extremely personal and highly engaging content for your audience. Don’t forget, people love to gossip.

42. Future Goals and Plan

Sharing your goals and plans with your audience is a really powerful way to involve your fans with your mission and create a sense of shared purpose between them and you.

43. Take a Tour Content

Following on the theme of involving your audience in your world, a simple and effective way to bring your fans into your inner circle is giving them a video tour of your home, studio, tour bus, backstage area etc.

44. Throwback Content

Throwback content is a popular way of sharing with your audience images of your childhood or reminiscing about times gone by… it’s a great way to show your fans your upbringing and let your audience get to know you in a deeper way.

45. Live Streams

Live streaming is extremely valuable as content because the platforms prioritise live streams over other content, meaning you get much more exposure by going live and the platforms will actively notify your followers that you’re live. It’s also a really candid and raw form of creating content, no editing or rehearsal necessary just turn the camera on and start.

46. Rehearsal / Practice Content

Show your fans behind the scenes of your rehearsal and practice sessions, you don’t need to stream or record the entire thing but clips and photos of your rehearsals remind your fans the work necessary that goes into producing your finished music.

47. Educational / Tutorial Content

Music fans often have desires to sing or play in a band professionally themselves, you can connect with your fans by sharing your expertise in tutorial videos or any kind of creative educational content you can think of.

48. Inspiring / Thoughtful Quotes

Sharing inspiring quotes is an inspiring way to communicate a sentiment, idea or philosophy to your fans and are often an easy way to create content for your social media channels.

49. Fan Shoutouts

Shouting out your fans by name is a really powerful way of communicating to all of your fans that you truly care about them on an individual and personal level.

50. Short Film / Documentary

The music documentary category on Netflix is extremely popular, you don’t need to spend millions of dollars but if you really want to take your content to the next level, why not create a short film or documentary about a topic that is important to you or your fans? It could be a short film about the making of your latest album, about your latest tour or even about a social or personal issue close to your heart that would resonate with your fans.